How the ‘Cook It Yourself’ trend is Fueling the Housewares Industry

How the ‘Cook It Yourself’ trend is Fueling the Housewares Industry

In order to cook restaurant-quality meals, you need to fully stock your kitchen with housewares. Fresh ingredients are important, but without the right tools, it is impossible to recreate ‘foodie’ meals at home.

In the past, home-cooked meals were considered rather dull, and restaurant dining was a sign of an affluent lifestyle. However, with the advent of lifestyle blogs, food TV, and food prep subscription boxes, the tides have turned. The ability to cook a gourmet meal at home (even if assisted by a step-by-step recipe card and pre-packaged ingredients) is now associated with prosperity, wellness, and luxury.

Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

It seems like everyone is talking about or trying food prep subscription boxes. Companies like Blue Apron, Hello Fresh and Plated have changed the grocery delivery game, presenting their ‘restaurant quality’ recipes as a vital component of a healthy, nourished, and – most importantly – Instagrammable life. In addition to a balanced meal, customers gain skills and confidence in their ability to cook.

This isn’t just common amongst the elite. The data is clear – more people are cooking at home than ever. However, most people soon realise that their kitchens are poorly equipped for their new culinary lifestyle. And now, they have a sudden need for a citrus zester, salad spinner, wooden cutting board, or a garlic press, and they head online to stock up. As a housewares company, are you there when they’re in the mood to shop and equip their kitchens?

Fulfillment Center staff scanning housewares product before shipping order.

Big box stores and higher-end department stores alike have shifted their fulfillment strategies, moving away from carrying everything in store in favor of Dropship from fulfillment centers. Working with these massive companies can offer big rewards and high sales, but you must be prepared to meet their high expectations. Order accuracy, on-time fulfillment, and customer experience – everything has to be on point for the customer to leave positive reviews and recommend your brand and products to their friends.

Customer loyalty aside, in order to maintain a good working relationship with your corporate partners you have to choose the right e-commerce fulfillment services partner. Omnichannel distribution allows you to fulfill orders for your B2B clients, in addition to your e-commerce orders, subscription boxes, Dropship retail clients,  and specialty stores.

The Cook it Yourself trend doesn’t show any sign of slowing down, and so more and more people will be equipping their kitchens with gadgets and utensils. Will you be there when they need to place an order?