Fast Fashion


Fast Fashion is all clothing items that can be shipped over the mail in a poly mailer bags. Most importantly, fast fashion items are less expensive clothing that is meant to be manufactured quickly to reach the masses looking for new trends.

Fast fashion’s logistics are of high requirements, short deadlines and the constant threat of penalties if any mistakes are done. On the other hand, fast fashion could potentially be a cash cow for companies looking to have high returns on their investments, as long as their fulfillment partners work effectively.

Ameriworld has the technologies in place to offer Fast Fashion clients a 24 hours order processing promise for B2C clients (e-commerce sales to end users) and a very similar promise for B2B orders. Above all, we promise that your orders will comply with your clients’ requirements, and this is huge in our industry.

For example, Ameriworld has experience and is in really good standing relationships with all major retailers, such as Target, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Macys, etc.

To sum it up, take a look at the list below that points out our services for the fast fashion industry:

  • Reverse Logistics Mgt.
  • Returns Reconditioning Dept.
  • High Volume Orders Capacity
  • Dustless Warehouse
  • Carriers Volume Discounts
  • e-Stores Integrations
  • Kitting Services Avail.
  • Extended hours for Promos
  • 24 hrs. B2C Order Processing