Case Studies from Clients in Multiple Industries

Case Studies from Clients in Multiple Industries


Find below some case studies of our current clients from multiple industries.


Seasonal School Uniforms Brand


A well-established local brand decides to broaden their market and take their product to the web. The problem was that due to the seasonality nature of their product (12 weeks of the year) it was extremely hard and costly to hire, train and let go of personnel to run their own operation, as well as having a warehouse dimensioned to the volumes of their high season.


Ameriworld Fulfillment offered them the flexibility they needed to outsource this growing operation and focus their time in continuing to grow their business. Thanks to their new partnership with AFS, they are now further expanding their market and they are constantly learning of ways to optimize their operation to increase their ROI.


Footwear Brand with High eCommerce Demand

 PROBLEMRed Swede Pumps

Multimillion dollar Footwear Company was struggling with their 3PL as they were not able to fulfill the growing numbers of dropship orders received by Big-Box-Retailers. Their biggest account was on the verge of cancelling due to a high number of late/missing orders. For a company of this size, bad fulfillment can seriously injure a brand’s health by damaging their customer’s experience.


Ameriworld Fulfillment brought in their vast inventory, integrated with their ERP system and was able to start fulfilling their orders in record time with a 99.7% accuracy rate. Thanks to Ameriworld’s fast and efficient transfer procedure, our client was able to keep and grow their at-risk account, opening new ones and continuing their day-to-day operation with the peace of mind of having a reliable logistics partner.


Growing Cosmetic Brand in Need for Accuracy & Speed


A multinational skin care brand was outgrowing their 3PL’s capacity and needed a partner that could keep up with their e-commerce and distributors’ numerous daily orders as well as controlling their lot number and expiration dates.


Ameriworld Fulfillment was able to execute a flawless transfer procedure without interrupting one day of shipping orders. Thanks to AFS meticulous control of expiration dates, the Cosmetic Brand no longer have a remaining of expiring product to get rid of and their omnichannel orders are picked-packed-shipped efficiently and on time with 100% inventory accuracy.


Natural Supplements Start-Up Hits the Floor Running

PROBLEMSpoon full of Pills

The Vitamins/Supplements industry is growing at a very fast pace in the US and this specific start-up company was bringing to market a revolutionary product. Thanks to their well-executed marketing campaign and data-driven analysis, they knew that as soon as they launched, the demand for their product would be enormous. The problem was to find an order fulfillment company that had the technology and experience to support their rapid expected growth.


Ameriworld Fulfillment guided them with their logistics strategy to secure the highest ROI for their operation. As many start-ups, they needed to focus their limited resources (human and monetary capital) to promote their products so AFS helped them by running a lean and effective operation. With the logistics and distribution taken care of, they could continue to focus their energy on what matters the most – their customers.

Multinational Houseware Brand Needed a Full Package SOLUTION


PROBLEMSmall Appliances

This multinational houseware company was running its own operation in the northeast but their growth had slowed due to their big overhead. Looking to have their expenses under controlled, they launched a full search for a company that would help them to become profitable again.



Luckily for them, since 2003 Ameriworld has been offering a back-office + logistics package that was a perfect fit for their needs. From accounting, to sales support, order processing and fulfillment of orders (B2B & B2C). Thanks to this new partnership with AFS the German houseware company could focus on growing their business and building their brand, keeping their expenses under control, and having the advantage of a seasoned group of professionals handling their day to day operation.


Ameriworld Fulfillment serves these and many other consumer goods industries. If you are interested in learning more about us, don’t hesitate to reach out!