Acu battery drill tool isolated over white background.

Because of the growing DIY (do it yourself) trend, the hardware industry is on a rising trend and the logistics industry has to keep up. Even though brands selling machine tools and equipment normally distribute via B2B channels, e-commerce is getting in the game as well.

Home Owner with a DIY project

Ameriworld has good standing relationships with main retailers such as the Home Depot, Lowes, and Ace Hardware. As a result, we know inside and out their requirements, limitations and short cuts to deliver their drop ship orders avoiding penalties.

In brief, find below some of our competitive advantages in the Hardware Industry Fulfillment:

  • Drop-Shipping Capabilities
  • Issuing UCC labels capabilities
  • Store-branded Package slips
  • Back-orders + Future Ship Date
  • Systems Integrations & EDI
  • Fully Barcoded Operation
  • Returns Management
  • High Orders Volume Capability
  • 24hrs B2C Order Processing