High-Value Items

High-Value Items Pick-Pack-Ship

We offer white gloves secured fulfillment for high-ticket-value items from storage to picking and packing. Our high-value-items fulfillment is done in a secured area with the following characteristics:

  • Security cameras in every angle
  • Security camaras above each individual packing station
  • Motion sensors for off hours
  • Steady personnel trained for this operation
  • Receving + packing inside secured area
  • Back-Orders + Future Ship Date
  • Full Tractability of Operation
  • Automatic Daily Reports
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Barcoded Operation Only
  • Carrier Volume Discount
  • Systems Integrations & EDI

At Ameriworld, we specialize in order fulfillment for B2B and B2C channels. With our almost 20 years of experience working with all major retailers (stores and dropship) and the efficiency of a 99.7 accuracy rate with them, we are a great partner for your growing business.

If you sell a high-value product, our state-of-the-arts secured location and white gloves operation could be a great fit. Reach out: info@ameriworld.com