Vitamins & Supplements

3 Spoons with supplement pills

The logistics of vitamins and supplements is a complex one. Nor only you have to make sure that these products are kept in controlled temperature storage, but you also have to keep the area pristine as nobody wants to receive a bottle of a product they are supposed to ingest, full of dust.

Another challenge of these types of product is the accurate record of their expiration dates, as well as lot numbers. Ameriworld can accommodate clients requests to expedite first product that arrived at the warehouse (FIFO = first in first out) or the products with closer expiration dates (FEFO = first to expire first out.)

Most importantly, your logistics partner needs to be able to process a high number of orders daily so when you run a promotion. For example, let’s say on a selling channel like QVC or HSN and you receive a big number of orders, Ameriworld can fulfill these orders and make sure that your clients are happy so you can be invited to the show again!

  • Systems Integrations & EDI
  • FIFO or FEFO
  • Controlled Temp. Storage
  • Batch Number Recorded
  • Expiration Date Recorded
  • 24hrs Guarantee B2C Orders
  • High Volume Capability
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Barcode Only Operation
  • Shipping Carrier Discounts
  • Efficient Packaging