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Tips for a Successful Web Store

Tips for a Successful Web Store

Marketing, Marketing, Marketing – that is the formula for selling a product on e-commerce in today’s Digital markets.

Developing a consistent marketing strategy across different social platforms is key. Make sure you adapt your message to the appropriate networks. An example is showing more picture base stories on Instagram and more social sharing content on Facebook. Also, make sure you segment your audience based on your demographics. Example customize your campaign to target your potential audience age range and promote it on the social platforms they visit the most.

After the Purchase: The Product Journey

Now, once the product has been sold, what is the key to retaining those clients and acquiring more? Firstly, make sure the whole purchasing process runs smoothly from any device (mobile, tablet, desktop). Asking for their permission to update them on their product journey, as well as related content is a win.

Turning Clients into Repeat Sales

In order to turn first-time clients into repeat sales, you need to make sure that your clients receive their purchased items as promised. Once you excel at customer satisfaction your client will turn into fans and they will do the promotion within their network for you so it’s a win-win deal: repeat clients and their friends.

After all the capital you have invested in merchandise and marketing, to either enter into big e-tailers or to acquire your own client base, ensuring that the orders are delivered timely is the last piece of the chain reaction.

The Logistics Effect

Bad logistics can cost you clients or if selling on third party websites, you can be charged with penalties. At this point of the process you will learn to appreciate an efficient logistics partner.

At Ameriworld, we have the experience, technology and staff needed to fulfill online orders complying with the highest standards in the industry.

Selling shoes, accessories, cosmetics, toys, clothing, gadgets or any other consumer good? Give us a call – we know what we are doing.