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Company Culture of Fun

Company Culture of Fun

Our Company Culture at Ameriworld is “Work Hard – Play Hard”. Although most of us do the “playing” during our off time, we like to bring the fun to the workplace once in a while!

Because Ameriworld’s founder is from Spain, we decided to honor him on his birthday throwing a Surprise Feria Española Party! For this event, we had well-known local flamenco musician Paco Fonta and Mr. Roberto Rodriguez (fro DGS) joining him with his box.

Seems like everyone joined in the fun, dancing, networking and tasting the delicious Spanish tapas from Brisa de España.Another delight of the night was the Paella prepared in-situ by one of our clients, Pilar Guerrero from Quantica Communication.

Above all, what make our company culture work is our staff and guests’ good vibes. Check out the picture gallery below to get a taste of the fun we have at Ameriworld!