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How to Buy Shoes Online

How to Buy Shoes Online

10 years ago, most of us thought that shoes needed to be tried on before purchased. With online sales for the footwear industry skyrocketing, we should look at this trend closely.

Next, we’ve put together a list of things you should consider when adventuring into the footwear e-tail world:

  1. Only shop from major websites. Retailers with an online and physical presence as we as the brands’ websites are more trustworthy. Often times, random sites offer great prices but you never know when they will arrive and in what conditions.
  2. Read their reviews before purchasing. Here you can find out what others thought of their quality, if they run small or big and how true to the pictures they are.
  3. Read their return policy before ordering as some sites charge for returns or give you a very small window to send them back.
  4. Buy 2 pairs of the same model but in different sizes as you don’t know how their sizes run. It’s better to send one back but have one that fits than to send it back and have to wait for the replacement.
  5. Leave a review after you finish the process (in case there is a return wait to see how they comply). It’s good shopper’s karma!

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