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Housewares Show 2019 Wraps Up!

Housewares Show 2019 Wraps Up!

The largest Home & Housewares Trade Show culminated its yearly exhibit in Chicago and left many of us, wanting more.

Even though we live in the Digital Era now and many of the tasks that were only possible at trade shows now can be done online; nothing compares the experience of having all the brands side by side hinting us upcoming trends with their new lines.

From Spain: Vigar…so you!

At the Housewares Show, we get to meet the leaders of the international brands revolutionizing the American market such as German kitchen utensils manufacturer Rosle or Spanish funky kitchen tool manufacturer Vigar.

From Germany: Rosle

Another important function of trade shows is to help industry experts to analyze upcoming trends by noticing those items that start to repeat in different stands, such as Air Purifiers at this years’ show. It also helps to spot those products that have already saturated the market such as the to-go bottles/cups; everyone claims to have the best designed.

From Germany as well: 58 Products INC

Trade shows have become the ultimate Brand Awareness move a company can make. If you are not here, you are not on top of mind, plain and simple. It’s true that big retailers are increasingly asking companies to drop-ship for them and often times they have very high fulfillment requirements. However, trade shows are also a great opportunity to get that foot on the door: on e-commerce or brick & mortar. Even if you already have the relationship established, being here reassures your client your commitment to the industry. Otherwise is out of sight, out of mind.

From Spain: Magefesa

From innovative & functional inflatable couches from Intex to cute and fun porcelain bowls with cartoonish faces from 58 Products and always reliable Magefesa’s kitchenware; after the show, I’m sure you were pleasantly surprised!