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Since 2003, Ameriworld has been assisting local and foreign companies in establishing their own operation in the United States for the direct sale and distribution of their products in our fulfillment center.

From our building by the Miami Airport we provide complete back-office operations, from providing office space, to handling the import and warehousing of their inventory processing your client's orders, shipping, invocing, collecting and depositing funds at your bank, and the bookkeeping of your complete operation. We also provide technical service in United States and Cananda with more than 450 points of service.

Our services mininize the initial and on-going investment required to start your operation and provide the know-how and the structure required to ensure a successfull venture. Currently, clients operating from our platform are successfully expanding their companies and markets.


Ameriworld’s services are designed to reduce your fixed overhead costs so that you operate at a profit. For more than 15 years, Ameriworld has developed and sustained working business models for companies with seasonal sales and those in need of advanced logistics, information technology and customer support to help manage explosive growth.

There are reasons to consider outsourcing your operations to Ameriworld and to concentrate in your company's growth.

  • Companies that had experienced reduction in margins can now reduce their overhead and operate at a profile while freeing up time to fuel growth.
  • Companies with seasonal sales can run their fixed overhead into a variable cost, while adopting the size of their operation to the seasonality of their sales.
  • Companies that are experiencing an explosive growth and are in need of advance logistics and information technology can now electronically receive and timely process their client's orders and handle their complete operation.


Whether you plan to open a new local venture or establish a subsidiary in the United States, Ameriworld provides you with the services and facilities to start running your business in as little as one week.

Ameriworld' services minimize the initial and on-going investment required to start and run a company. You'll have access to funished offices, secure warehoursing, information systems that incoudes EDI, and a professional staff that works for you.

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We are not your typical 3PL fulfillment services company. We are your most valuable partner when it comes to making smart, money-saving business decisions. We leverage more than 15 years of experience, cutting edge technology, and close supplier relationships so that our clients benefit from more efficient operations, more satisfied customers, and significant cost reductions.

Ameriworld understands the complexity and challenges of B2C order fulfillment and has the resources in place to help businesses increase sales and customer satisfaction. We offer a full integration with your eCommerce technology, a customized fulfillment solution from start to finish. Our pick, pack and ship services are managed by a fully automated and integrated order processing and inventory control system. We guarantee a top-notch customer experience by ensuring same-day processing on all orders, professional packaging, and on-time delivery. Plus, our direct to consumer logistics management team works with internal account managers and our clients to find money-saving ways to complete the final leg of distribution.

Ameriworld offers retail fulfillment services for large and small business alike. Our B2B solutions meet the EDI fulfillment and routing requirements of big box retailers throughout America. That’s one of the many reasons we ship to some of the largest retail chains in the country. Our EDI solution works in conjunction with our order processing system so that all order and customer information remains fully integrated. Our expertise in retail fulfillment minimizes chargebacks and increases overall profitability. We understand that retail fulfillment is deadline sensitive and attention to detail is critical – there is no margin for error. Ameriworld ensures that your products arrive on time, with complete accuracy, every time!

Ameriworld provides inventory optimization services that allow you to manage your inventory according to your current business conditions. Our state-of-the-art system is fully automated to help you manage your inventory by sending out real-time “low level” inventory alerts, movement history reports and current usage analysis reports. Additionally, our inventory control management team ensures the availability of the right products at the right times to meet varying customer demands during periods of business as usual, promotional spikes, and seasonal volume increases.

Our fully automated inventory control management and order processing system tracks all inventory movement – whether it is inventory in, inventory out, or bin/location transfers. We can track versions, lot numbers and expiration dates if required. Complete visibility is maintained through our easily integrated, real-time system so you know the status of your products 24/7. With our inventory optimization solution, you are able to manage your overhead and control your costs by keeping in step with current inventory stock levels and accurately forecasting future demand.

Using our logistics management experience, we help companies lower their costs and improve shipping efficiencies. Our skilled supply chain management team knows how to find the best shipping method to get your goods delivered expeditiously and economically.

Our supply chain management team works alongside internal account managers and our clients to find money-saving options to complete the final leg of distribution. Whether delivering direct to consumer, or bulk to distribution centers, we leverage our experience to minimize time in transit and maximize shipping discounts.

Ameriworld takes the time to explore your business and understand your vision. Armed with an understanding of your current fulfillment situation, business goals and product, we develop a tailor-made strategy to ensure you reach your goals.


  • Located directly off of major highway/interstate - easy access truckload and small PVA carriers
  • Easy access truckload and small package carriers
  • Climate controlled
  • Fully automated (including RF, conveyer systems, etc.)
  • 160,000+ sq. ft.
  • FDA-registered facility
  • 24-hour security
  • Secure storage


  • Full integration with your new or existing shopping cart system and other eCommerce technology
  • Pick and pack
  • Secure, climate-controlled warehouse storage
  • Detailed, real-time reporting tools and capabilities
  • Full-service domestic and international shipping and tracking
  • Full returns management and processing
  • Customer service


  • Order Management
  • Backorders
  • Future Ship Orders
  • Multi-Channel Orders
  • Order Tracking
  • Order Processing
  • Inventory Management
  • Inventory Level Monitoring


  • Order Fulfillment Process
  • e-Commerce & Online Fulfillment
  • Retail Fulfillment
  • Wholesale Fulfillment
  • Direct to Consumer Fulfillment
  • Literature Fulfillment
  • Small Business & Startup Fulfillment


  • B2B order fulfillment
  • EDI fulfillment requirements of big box retailers
  • Deadline sensitive and attention to detail is critical
  • Services and manage all Vendor Compliance requirements
  • Purchase Order receipt
  • Advance ship notifications (ASNs)
  • Compliant barcode/parcel labels
  • Routing guide compliance
  • Order and customer information remains fully integrated


  • Simple complex kits
  • Several components to be placed in custom die-cut boxes with trays
  • Custom inserts
  • Wafer seals
  • Custom wrapping
  • On-demand kitting and pre-assembly for in-house stock items
  • Access real-time inventory tracking, reporting, orders


  • Money-saving options for distribution
  • Minimize time in transit
  • Maximize shipping discounts
  • Integrated systems for order management, inventory & returns management
  • Customized reporting
  • Real-time client access center for status of your shipments 24/7

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