Ameriworld’s 2020 Infrastructure Improvements

Ameriworld’s 2020 Infrastructure Improvements

For any company, part of staying up on the latest trends is to update its infrastructure to comply with customer’s requirements for speed and efficiency. When working in such a competitive industry such as e-commerce fulfillment, if one doesn’t upgrade, your clients would suffer the consequences and eventually, your business. At Ameriworld, we are constantly improving our systems and infrastructure in order to stay ahead of the curve and to be ready to serve our clients when they most need us; during peak season.

1) New Narrow Shelves Efficient Storage

We have recently gone through the process of installing multiple rows of new shallow shelves in our warehouse, which provide the following benefits: A) They speed up the picking process since we don’t have to look behind the front boxes for the product. B) They bring in big savings for our clients as we can store more SKU’s utilizing the space more effectively C) It increases our productivity, ROI and allows us to be more competitive.

2) Pick to Number for Faster Packing

When fulfilling a high volume of orders for e-commerce, items such as clothing, cosmetics, supplements, and toys might get mixed up if picking in batch. Therefore, at Ameriworld we have custom-made sorting racks where each picker can sort the items taking off the shelves right away so our packers know that in each location of those racks, there is a complete order. Our accuracy before implementing this new system was already pretty high but this improvement has allowed us to elevate our e-commerce capacity by 40% especially in multiple product orders which are the most complex to process.

3) 20 New Packing Stations

Individual custom packing stations, with more comfort for the employees and a higher orders output capacity. The fact that we inaugurated our new packing stations right before the pandemic, it allowed us to continue to operate in a safe manner during the lockdown period when the e-commerce surge began. With our new stations, we can have our clients’ branded boxes and material by stations,  increasing our packing capacity by 60%. These clean individual stations offer another layer of security to avoid mixing orders and sending the right items to your clients.

2020 might have been a year worth forgetting for many, but thankfully, at Ameriworld, we never stopped serving our clients’ orders, providing steadiness and support to our team, and improving our efficiencies. Thanks to the upgrades mentioned, and many more on the horizon, our boutique fulfillment center is positioning itself to lead the e-commerce revolution and take our clients with us. Would you like to join us?