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Today’s consumer is becoming used to access whatever comes to their mind, a click away – especially in the United States.

From looking up more details on a product in a commercial, to buying a last-minute gift or even getting your groceries delivered; online shopping is a growing trend that’s here to stay.

If you are interested in catching the wave before it runs you over, you need to learn how to introduce your merchandise into the digital shopping world.

If you are already selling in the US with your stock in a warehouse you know how complex big-box retailers orders are. As you ca imagine, their requirements for drop-ship are far more specific.

In the eCommerce world, most retailers will ask you if you are “drop-shipment capable” which will require the following:

  • Your product has to have barcode per unit sold.
  • You warehouse needs to be able to exchange information as they require (EDI, API, Integration, etc.)
  • Your warehouse needs to be able to ship orders within the time frame retailers requires or they could penalize you.

With drop-shipment, consumers buy directly from the store’s site and thanks to systems integration, your warehouse will receive the order instantly.

The speed of processing is crucial when working with multi-channel sales with a high volume of orders.

Ameriworld Enterprises fulfills e-commerce orders with the latest technology and extended hours. We process orders from e-retailers, department stores and directly from end users via drop-shipment.

We hope we were able to shed some light into this interesting subject; please feel free to contact us may you have further questions.