Small Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances isolated on white background 3d

With today’s cooking trends of copying recipes from celebrity chefs, looking for themes to entertain friends and home cooking on the rise, small kitchen appliances are in more demand than ever. Nonetheless, as mentioned by the growth of household income and the increase of urbanization activities has also promoted the use of more sophisticated kitchen tools.

  • Back-Orders + Future Ship Date
  • Full Tractability of Operation
  • Automatic Daily Reports
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Barcoded Operation Only
  • Carrier Volume Discount
  • Dustless Warehouse
  • Systems Integrations & EDI

At Ameriworld, we specialize in the logistics for the Housewares industry with a special focus on small kitchen appliances. Because of this specialization, we have noticed the growth in the demand for these products and we are constantly updating our procedures to accommodate big-box retailers requirements. In other words, we are equipped and we have the know-how to process a high number of orders effectively.