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Since 2003, Ameriworld has been assisting local and foreign companies in establishing their own operation in the United States for the direct sale and distribution of their products in our fulfillment center.

From our building by the Miami Airport we provide complete back-office operations, from providing office space, to handling the import and warehousing of their inventory processing your client's orders, shipping, invocing, collecting and depositing funds at your bank, and the bookkeeping of your complete operation.

Our services mininize the initial and on-going investment required to start your operation and provide the know-how and the structure required to ensure a successfull venture. Currently, clients operating from our platform are successfully expanding their companies and markets.


Ameriworld’s services are designed to reduce your fixed overhead costs so that you operate at a profit. For more than 15 years, Ameriworld has developed and sustained working business models for companies with seasonal sales and those in need of advanced logistics, information technology and customer support to help manage explosive growth.

There are reasons to consider outsourcing your operations to Ameriworld and to concentrate in your company's growth.

  • Companies that had experienced reduction in margins can now reduce their overhead and operate at a profile while freeing up time to fuel growth.
  • Companies with seasonal sales can run their fixed overhead into a variable cost, while adopting the size of their operation to the seasonality of their sales.
  • Companies that are experiencing an explosive growth and are in need of advance logistics and information technology can now electronically receive and timely process their client's orders and handle their complete operation.


Whether you plan to open a new local venture or establish a subsidiary in the United States, Ameriworld provides you with the services and facilities to start running your business in as little as one week.

Ameriworld' services minimize the initial and on-going investment required to start and run a company. You'll have access to funished offices, secure warehoursing, information systems that incoudes EDI, and a professional staff that works for you.

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Housewares Show 2019 Wraps Up!
Category: Newsletters
The largest Home & Housewares Trade Show culminated its yearly exhibit in Chicago and left many of us, wanting more. Even though we live in the Digital Era now and many of the tasks that were only possible at trade shows now can be done online;...
Category: Newsletters
If you are evaluating the US market for your brand entry, a closer look at the last holiday season can help you to take the market’s temperature. Kicking off the holiday season was a very successful Cyber Weekend according to Verizon’s data, which...
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In the current digital era, where online shopping and fast delivery are starting to become the norm, brands have to gear up for e-commerce in all aspects of their operation. Having an efficient online portal is definitely on top of the list but the...
Success in Retail but not on E-tail? Here Might Be Why
Category: Newsletters
After seeing so many big box retailers shut down several stores (if not all) in the past 18 months (Payless, Toy R Us, Kmart, Unlimited, etc.) I can only wonder if our kids will be able to picture what it felt like to go window shopping. With over...
Tips for Running a Successful Web Store
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Promotion, Promotion, Promotion – that is the formula to selling a product in today’s Digital markets. Now, once the product has been sold, what is the key to retaining those clients and acquiring more? In order to turn first time clients into...
Buying Shoes Online, Easier Said Than Done
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10 years ago, most of us thought that shoes were one of the few things you need to try on before you purchase it. Present reality has proved us wrong with online sales for the footwear industry skyrocketing on a one way trip. Speaking with several...
The Returns Frenzy after the Holidays
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After an extremely active house decorating, food preparing and gift giving season, comes the almost perfect but no quiet, the ended up not needing it and the it looked different on the picture returns season.                Those of us in the logistics industry,...
Cyber Week 2017: the Busiest Shipping Week of the Year
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The 2017 Holiday Season has just started, are your products being shipped on time? Tis the Season of cheer and joy, which brings along gifts, and lots of them! If you are selling products, this time of the year is a real test to your company where...
Top 5 Frequent Logistics Chargebacks from Big-Box Retailers
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For manufacturers trying to bring their product to market directly, bigbox retailers’ penalties and chargebacks can harm if not handicap their operation to a point of no return. Each retail chains have their own book of rules that one has to learn...
Ameriworld: A Mini Amazon in Miami
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Ameriworld Fulfillment Services is a local Miami business that offers the same services as Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment, but with more affordable rates. What's unique about Ameriworld is that this company has deep roots in the industry and...
Before You Click “Place Order”
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For those of us with desk jobs, many times, is easier to dedicate a few minutes to shop online during our breaks than to go shopping after a long day of work. Without any doubt, online shopping is way easier than in person: you can visit dozens of...
Behind the Scenes of Online Shopping: the Fulfillment Center
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For most people, online shopping entails an exhausting period of time dedicated to browse sites to find the perfect product, then comes weighting on the options by reading reviews, to then continue to search and compare in order to get the best...
The Shoe Industry: from Manufacturing to Distributing
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  Shoes and especially, good shoes are the kind of products that we use every day but never think about how complex their journey to us is. Not all shoes are created equal, but a good pair of shoes requires the craftsmanship, time and dedication that will be...
How to sell your product online using drop-shipment and ecommerce?
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Today’s consumer is more and more used to have access to whatever comes to their mind, a click away – especially in the United States.   Let's say you are on the couch and see a commercial about a new car so you just have to reach for your phone to...
The Retail Apocalypse has Officially Descended on America. Hayley Peterson Mar. 21, 2017
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Thousands of mall-based stores are shutting down in what's fast becoming one of the biggest waves of retail closures in decades. More than 3,500 stores are expected to close in the next couple of months. Department stores like JCPenney, Macy's,...

Trade Fair

NRA SHOW 2016 - Chicago
Category: Trade Fair
Like every year, Ameriworld attended the National Restaurant Association's trade show in Chicago, where the best international and local brands exhibit their new technologies for their industry.  Below are some pictures from the event; for more...
Fancy Food Shows (SF & NYC)
Category: Trade Fair
  Ameriworld attended in 2016 both edition of the Fancy Food trade show, winter in San Francisco and Summer in NYC. Below are some pictures from these events, for more check out our facebook page...
AHR Orlando 2016
Category: Trade Fair
This years leading trade fair for the HVAC industry took place in Orlando, Florida.
Toy Fair NYC 2016
Category: Trade Fair
This year's Toy Fair was a complete success: with the over 13,000 visitors from 100 countries, the product innovation seen in the this industry is a game changer. Check out some pictures we snapped at the show, and start preparing for next...
Ameriworld at AAPEX & SEMA SHOWS is Las Vegas
Category: Trade Fair
The biggest trade shows for the automotive aftermarket industry AAPEX and SEMA, coincided this year in Las Vegas to bring thousands of buyers from around the world, flooding the extensive accomodation that characterized this touristic destination....
Ameriworld at ISSA/Interclean Vegas 2015
Category: Trade Fair
Ameriworld participated in the 2015 edition of ISSA/Interclean Show, the biggest tradeshow for the cleaning industry.
Ameriworld at MAGICOnline Vegas 2015
Category: Trade Fair
Ameriworld visited the world famous MAGIC fashion shows in Vegas where the shoes, accessories and appeareal industries gather together during these 3 days of preview of what's yet to come in the world of...
NRA Show 2015 in Chicago, #1 Restaurant Trade Show in America
Category: Trade Fair
The NRA Show is the biggest business to business trade fair in America where thousands of industry leaders, chefs, manufacturers, established and new products are presented for then restaurants decide what is worth bringing to your table.
Ameriworld at CosmoProf Vegas 2015
Category: Trade Fair
Ameriworld Enterprises attends once again, the biggest trade show for Beauty in America where thousands of decision makers, buyers, trendsetters and businesses gather in Vegas to learn and influence the Cosmetics Industry.

Events & News

Ameriworld's Holiday Party at Bowlero Miami
Category: Events & News
December is the month of holiday shopping, family and friends gatherings and office parties! At Ameriworld, we try to show our clients and staff our appreciation by throwing fun Holiday Parties and this year, we selected a very cool place to do so:...
Memorial Day BBQ at Ameriworld
Category: Events & News
To honor and celebrate those who have sacrificed their lives for the greater good, we gathered after work for a traditional All America Barbeque with hot dogs, sausages and beers! Ameriworld's lawn dressed in red, white and blue for our Memorial...
Flamenco Party at Ameriworld
Category: Events & News
Ameriworld hosted a Feria Española party this July where guest enjoyed live Spanish Flamenco musician Paco Fonta, paella, tapas and Sangria to honor Mr. Rubio, Ameriworld's president, on his birthday. Below are the highlights. For the full album...
Ameriworld article in Brazilian media!
Category: Events & News
An article about Ameriworld is published in Brazilian media, as part of an Invest in Miami Business Report, written by Brazil Business Reports.
Delegation from Costa Rica visits Ameriworld
Category: Events & News
The export promotion agency of Costa Rica, PROCOMER, visits Ameriworld together with a delagation of successful business owners. Logistics expert and president of Ameriworld, Mr. Julian Rubio, gave the delegation a tour of our facilities and...

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