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Since 2003, Ameriworld has been assisting local and foreign companies in establishing their own operation in the United States for the direct sale and distribution of their products in our fulfillment center.

From our building by the Miami Airport we provide complete back-office operations, from providing office space, to handling the import and warehousing of their inventory processing your client's orders, shipping, invocing, collecting and depositing funds at your bank, and the bookkeeping of your complete operation.

Our services mininize the initial and on-going investment required to start your operation and provide the know-how and the structure required to ensure a successfull venture. Currently, clients operating from our platform are successfully expanding their companies and markets.


Ameriworld’s services are designed to reduce your fixed overhead costs so that you operate at a profit. For more than 15 years, Ameriworld has developed and sustained working business models for companies with seasonal sales and those in need of advanced logistics, information technology and customer support to help manage explosive growth.

There are reasons to consider outsourcing your operations to Ameriworld and to concentrate in your company's growth.

  • Companies that had experienced reduction in margins can now reduce their overhead and operate at a profile while freeing up time to fuel growth.
  • Companies with seasonal sales can run their fixed overhead into a variable cost, while adopting the size of their operation to the seasonality of their sales.
  • Companies that are experiencing an explosive growth and are in need of advance logistics and information technology can now electronically receive and timely process their client's orders and handle their complete operation.


Whether you plan to open a new local venture or establish a subsidiary in the United States, Ameriworld provides you with the services and facilities to start running your business in as little as one week.

Ameriworld' services minimize the initial and on-going investment required to start and run a company. You'll have access to funished offices, secure warehoursing, information systems that incoudes EDI, and a professional staff that works for you.

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In the current digital era, where online shopping and fast delivery are starting to become the norm, brands have to gear up for e-commerce in all aspects of their operation. Having an efficient online portal is definitely on top of the list but the next point in the checklist is reviewing your warehousing capabilities.

This guide speaks to companies in the following situations:

  1. Your Company/Brand manages their own warehouse.
  2. Your Company/Brand uses a 3PL Partner.
  3. Your company/brand is new and currently analyzing logistics options.

Situation A – Brands with Own Warehouse

In the old days, brands that wanted to have complete control of their operation ran their own warehouses, but as logistics for e-commerce gets more technologically sophisticated, this option has become too complex with the need to invest heavily in IT resources.

In order to effectively process e-commerce orders, the fulfillment warehouse has to invest in the software and systems needed to comply with multiple vendors platforms, routing requests, and complex operations that if they are not performed correctly, can cost brands a fortune in chargebacks, penalties and suspended accounts.

The inability to invest in the needed technology to effectively run a busy e-commerce operation leave many companies closed to the e-market.

Situation B – Brands Using a 3PL

In this case, we have brands that have been running their business with the same 3PL for a while and got comfortable. I often hear phrases like “we’ve been working with the same 3PL for years and they are like family”, which gives me the hint that they've gotten comfortable and this is not always good for business. Many times brands adopt their 3PL limitations as their own, and close doors to opportunities because "we cannot work with drop-ship" or "we cannot work with any other system than EDI" etc. 

These brands need to start browsing and comparing what is been offered in the 3PL market and investigate if their current provider is up to the industry standards and able to fulfill your clients' requirements.

Situation C – New Brand

New brands have a difficult time when selecting providers because they are not aware of their future sales volume nor of the complex demands that their clients will have. Often times, new brands start small but their order volume can shoot up fast with a specific promotion or entering in a popular website and if your 3PL is not ready to process a high number of orders daily or to set up a drop-ship with your client then your growth is capped.  

Next are some points to help Operations Managers to evaluate a 3PL company:

  • Can your 3PL fulfill the high volume of orders you might receive from running an online promo within the timeframe allowed?
  • Can your 3PL send your online clients same day tracking numbers so the risk of cancel order decreases?
  • Can your 3PL offer you full traceability so you can fight back unfair penalties by e-tailers?
  • Can your 3PL fulfill complex wholesale orders that require dozens of routings within the same order?
  • Can your 3PL handle international shipping & process the taxes and duties?
  • Can your 3PL receive electronically all your orders on real time?                                   
  • Can your 3PL control the order's priority to avoid late fees?

We hope that this guide is of help to many! For further questions or if you need an excellent 3PL partner, contact AMERIWORLD FULFILLMENT SERVICES, we can provide an efficient high volume e-commerce and wholesale fulfillment for consumer goods brands.

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