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Since 2003, Ameriworld has been assisting local and foreign companies in establishing their own operation in the United States for the direct sale and distribution of their products in our fulfillment center.

From our building by the Miami Airport we provide complete back-office operations, from providing office space, to handling the import and warehousing of their inventory processing your client's orders, shipping, invocing, collecting and depositing funds at your bank, and the bookkeeping of your complete operation.

Our services mininize the initial and on-going investment required to start your operation and provide the know-how and the structure required to ensure a successfull venture. Currently, clients operating from our platform are successfully expanding their companies and markets.


Ameriworld’s services are designed to reduce your fixed overhead costs so that you operate at a profit. For more than 15 years, Ameriworld has developed and sustained working business models for companies with seasonal sales and those in need of advanced logistics, information technology and customer support to help manage explosive growth.

There are reasons to consider outsourcing your operations to Ameriworld and to concentrate in your company's growth.

  • Companies that had experienced reduction in margins can now reduce their overhead and operate at a profile while freeing up time to fuel growth.
  • Companies with seasonal sales can run their fixed overhead into a variable cost, while adopting the size of their operation to the seasonality of their sales.
  • Companies that are experiencing an explosive growth and are in need of advance logistics and information technology can now electronically receive and timely process their client's orders and handle their complete operation.


Whether you plan to open a new local venture or establish a subsidiary in the United States, Ameriworld provides you with the services and facilities to start running your business in as little as one week.

Ameriworld' services minimize the initial and on-going investment required to start and run a company. You'll have access to funished offices, secure warehoursing, information systems that incoudes EDI, and a professional staff that works for you.

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For most people, online shopping entails an exhausting period of time dedicated to browse sites to find the perfect product, then comes weighting on the options by reading reviews, to then continue to search and compare in order to get the best deal. And this is only half of it, then comes the wait! Oh the wait, this part could be devastating – is like a kid waiting for Christmas morning but without knowing when it will be. As hard as this process sounds, there is a much more complex one happening right after the “place order” button is clicked. This mysterious development is what makes possible that your packages show up on your doorstep, and we will uncover the mystery next.

When an online purchase is made, the warehouse holding the product is notified. Many times the actual department store (Khols, Sears, Bloomindales, etc) don’t even have the merchandise in their facilities. You may have noticed that the variety of products found online is much wider than at the brick and mortar store. This is what makes products available at a lower price online - no need to pay clerks, store rent, utilities, etc.

Once the payment is processed and cleared by the accounting personnel, then the order goes to the warehouse/fulfillment center. Here a staff member picks it up the package and leave it to the packers who make sure to wrap it good enough to survive the journey to its final destination.

Fulfillment Centers such as Ameriworld Enterprises, have stock from many companies and they can store from toys to shoes, from heaters to casino slot machines and from quinoa to cosmetics, so you never know who your product’s last roommate could have been. The complexity that takes to manage a fulfillment center dedicated to products sold online can only be effectively ran with the latest technology and experienced personnel.

Many times, companies manufacture their product overseas at an incredible low cost and end up paying more money in distribution services, including shipping fees than what their product cost them.

However, to make money you need to spend money and because of the size of the American market, everyone wants to make it here.

Now you know a bit more of the journey your package goes through before arriving to you.

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