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Since 2003, Ameriworld has been assisting local and foreign companies in establishing their own operation in the United States for the direct sale and distribution of their products in our fulfillment center.

From our building by the Miami Airport we provide complete back-office operations, from providing office space, to handling the import and warehousing of their inventory processing your client's orders, shipping, invocing, collecting and depositing funds at your bank, and the bookkeeping of your complete operation.

Our services mininize the initial and on-going investment required to start your operation and provide the know-how and the structure required to ensure a successfull venture. Currently, clients operating from our platform are successfully expanding their companies and markets.


Ameriworld’s services are designed to reduce your fixed overhead costs so that you operate at a profit. For more than 15 years, Ameriworld has developed and sustained working business models for companies with seasonal sales and those in need of advanced logistics, information technology and customer support to help manage explosive growth.

There are reasons to consider outsourcing your operations to Ameriworld and to concentrate in your company's growth.

  • Companies that had experienced reduction in margins can now reduce their overhead and operate at a profile while freeing up time to fuel growth.
  • Companies with seasonal sales can run their fixed overhead into a variable cost, while adopting the size of their operation to the seasonality of their sales.
  • Companies that are experiencing an explosive growth and are in need of advance logistics and information technology can now electronically receive and timely process their client's orders and handle their complete operation.


Whether you plan to open a new local venture or establish a subsidiary in the United States, Ameriworld provides you with the services and facilities to start running your business in as little as one week.

Ameriworld' services minimize the initial and on-going investment required to start and run a company. You'll have access to funished offices, secure warehoursing, information systems that incoudes EDI, and a professional staff that works for you.

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Although the picture above looks like a billboard presenting the starring performers of a circus, unfortunately, they are the candidates in the US ELECTIONS for our 45th President.

As impartial as we are at Ameriworld when it comes to these Reality-TV-like elections, we have to somehow take seriously the consequences that could affect our business. Below we have compiled two relevant and unbiased sources that analyze how each candidate, if elected, would impact the trade insustry. 

Matthew Shay writing for the National Retail Association "Time for the Presidential Candidates to Support Imports" &Daniel R. Pearson for the CATO Institute "Econ 101 for Presidential Candidates".

Matthew Shay wrote for the September 2016 issue of STORES Magazine: "As an industry that relies on imports to provide American families the products they need at prices they can afford, retailers are closely following the positions on international trade taken by this year’s presidential candidates.

Unfortunately, while recent comments by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton might make great politics, they also make for terrible economics. Neither seems to appreciate the value of trade, particularly the millions of jobs and billions of dollars in economic benefits brought by imports.

Trump wants to tear up the North American Free Trade Agreement, which lets U.S. factories easily obtain parts from Canada and Mexico and just as easily ship finished products back. He opposes the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which would tear down trade barriers from Peru to Australia, and wants to impose “huge” tariffs on imports from China.

Clinton’s trade policy is more complicated but no more encouraging. As secretary of state she called TPP the “gold standard” but now opposes it. She has defended NAFTA but now says “it did not deliver.” As a senator, she voted for trade agreements with Singapore, Chile and Oman but not Central America.

According to NRF research, imports support 16 million U.S. jobs, including 6.9 million in retail and restaurants. That’s not just retail workers selling imported merchandise but fields such as research and development, distribution and merchandising. It includes members of the unions that oppose imports, from dockworkers who unload imports to factory workers who assemble products made from imported parts.

Imports have saved consumers millions of dollars on products from toys to computers, but high tariffs continue to drive up prices of merchandise such as shoes and apparel.

When Trump and Clinton oppose TPP, they support continued high tariffs and high prices. TPP would eliminate virtually all of the $6 billion in annual tariffs on goods from member countries and boost U.S. spending power more than $1,000 per household. When the United States reduces tariffs, its partners in trade agreements do the same, expanding markets for U.S. exports. None of that will happen, however, if the two candidates have their way.

Americans enjoy a higher standard of living because globalization makes products more affordable. And the decline in manufacturing jobs cannot be blamed entirely on imports — it takes far fewer workers to operate a modern, high-tech factory. The answer to lost factory jobs is training and new skills, not limits on trade.

It’s time for presidential candidates — and presidents — to stop pandering to protectionists and acknowledge the positive power of trade in the modern U.S. economy."

According to Mr. Pearson,  "a recent study by the Center for Business and Economic Research at Ball State University found that 13 percent of manufacturing job losses have been due to trade, but 85 percent of the employment decline has been caused by automation related to robots and computers. Policies that provide adjustment assistance to unemployed workers should be structured in ways that don’t restrict trade.

Major party presidential candidates would be well advised to reconsider their trade policy proposals. Protectionism will undermine the freedoms of Americans and lower their standards of living. Bad policy choices mean bad economic outcomes. This is not the way to lead a great nation forward."

Mr. Shay concludes his article by giving us a breath of fresh air - "Fortunately for retailers and consumers, presidential candidates often bash trade while campaigning, then take a more realistic approach once elected. But that’s not enough. America needs a president who acknowledges the importance of not just exports but imports. As an international businessman, surely Trump knows the importance of imports. As a former first lady, senator and secretary of state, so must Clinton."

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